Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, LILA offers international shipping. All international orders are shipped from the United States, Please place all Canadian orders on our Canada Site:

Do you have another web store?

Yes, we are currently Shipping domestically in Canada and Australia. Visit our Canada store at and our Australian store at

Will my hospital allow me to wear my own clothing in labor?

Most hospitals do not restrict what their patient's wear in labor. Of the hospitals that may impose clothing restrictions on their laboring patients, many will not restrict your choice of clothing if it is accessible to allow your medical team to provide you with necessary care.

We believe it is wise to always discuss your desires and intentions for your birth with your hospital and medical providers before purchasing a gown. We encourage our customers to advocate for themselves, make their desires known, so that their comfort and freedom will be acknowledged and respected by their medical team.

Will I be allowed to wear my own clothing if I have a planned cesarean birth?

Since the operating room in most hospitals is highly regulated to prevent infection, it is more likely your hospital will impose clothing restrictions than when you are laboring with the expectation of a vaginal birth. The common explanation is that hospital laundered clothing presents a lower risk for infection because the hospital can ensure the clothing is truly clean and appropriate to be near an incision site. That being said we have actually had many people report being allowed to wear their gown for their scheduled cesarean surgery, so we recommend discussing your preferences with your provider and the hospital.

Our gowns do provide accessibility to any potential cesarean incision site, so as long as your hospital and medical team is permitting, you should be able to wear your gown during your cesarean!

What will happen if I am wearing my gown in labor and suddenly need to have an emergency cesarean?

Our labor gowns open completely down the front allowing your medical team total access to your abdomen in the case of an emergency. While the operating room is typically highly regulated to prevent the introduction of bacteria into this setting, in the case of an emergency concessions are typically made if necessary. Your choice of clothing will not prevent your medical team from providing emergency medical care.

Are you the original Tik Tok labor gown?

Yes. We got our start after a video showcasing the accessibility of our gowns went viral on Tik Tok. Check out our About Us page by scrolling down and locating the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen!

Do you offer plus sizes?

Yes. Our Full Figure size & Curve size are our plus size version of our original one-size-fits-most labor gown. In the case where our plus sizing is not appropriately accommodating there is a custom gown option where we can create a gown from your unique measurements to ensure that it is the perfect fit! This option does involve an additional fee and it can take us roughly 8 weeks to create your custom gown. Email our store if you would like to discuss options regarding a custom gown order.

Will I be able to get an epidural while wearing one of your labor gowns?

Yes, our gowns have a low back to allow your provider to access the part of your back needed for the placement of an epidural. However, it is always wise to measure from the base of your neck down to the lower part of your back and compare with our size chart to ensure the depth is acceptable and comfortable for you.

Is the design of the gown beneficial in the home birth, or out of hospital birth setting?

Yes! Most out of hospital births still involve skin to skin and intermittent monitoring. So, openings at the chest and down the belly are perfect for any birth setting. In fact, since intermittent monitoring at home can involve repeatedly accessing your belly rather than placing a continuous set of monitors once, full access to your belly may be even more valuable in the out of hospital setting. Our gown's low back also allows for easy placement of TENS unit pads and lots of space for massage.

Do people ever wait to wear their gown until after the birth?

Yes. Truthfully, even though our gowns were originally designed for labor, they may work even better as a postpartum gown. Openings at the chest allow for breastfeeding access, and openings on the belly allow you or your medical team to perform fundal massages, check any incisions, and easily change pads and underwear.

Our butter smooth material and non-restrictive design is perfect post-surgery or post birth trauma as well as it doesn't impose pressure on sensitive areas.

How do I avoid getting my gown messy during childbirth?

Bodily fluids associated with childbirth may be easier to manage than you think! Usually, disposable underwear and heavy-duty pads when changed regularly during labor are enough to keep your gown clean and dry in labor. Depends on briefs are also excellent for use during labor specially to protect against a sudden break of your bag of waters.

When the baby is ready to be born, ask your nurses to help you pull up your gown before you start pushing and your gown may very well escape your birth experience unscathed! However, in the case your gown doesn't remain clean and dry, because it can certainly get messy, our customers have reported that blood and fluid have been easy to lift from the material with basic laundering.

Some of our customers also choose to buy two, in the case they may need to change, or to save the second gown for after. We love to offer promotions and discounts for orders of two or more gowns for this very reason, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Our processing time is typically less than 7 business days, however rarely, order processing can be delayed due to sudden spikes in demand or surrounding the holidays.

Once an order is processed and shipped, it may take another few days to receive your order in the mail. Our shop currently provides 3–5-day shipping on all domestic orders. Most of our customers will receive their order within 7 Business days of placing their order.